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Complete Index of Urbare (Registers of the Estates of Landowners), Landed Property Registers, Land Registers of Styria

This index, designed by Franz Pichler with the collaboration of the civil servants of the Styrian Provincial Archives and already published in three volumes and one index volume, shows all sources concerning ground issues that contribute to the history of properties and to regional history, thus relating to the respective state of research. A total of 1.345 masteries and Gülten (tolls that had to be paid to the landlord) is registered.

All four volumes are deliverable. Details are displayed in the index of deliverable Publications of the Styrian Provincial Archives.

The links lead to pdf-files. The name of the file is composed of the sigle (letters) "uvz" and the number of the mastery in the volume, as for example: uvz0001.pdf.

In order to look at or print the document, the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3.0 must be installed.

Note: In the first instance, all digitalised pages of the relevant mastery or Gült out of the printed issue are offered. For extension we also provide all registers.

Please choose the initials of the mastery or Gült from the list below. Place names starting with "Sankt" are registered under the second word of the place name.

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