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Note: Information on collections can be obtained via information retrieval from the archival database. Inquiries concerning place names within the archival database display those place names that are registered in the depth indexing within the documented collections (views of places, postcard collections).

The following information contains short descriptions of the documented collections.

This holdings group contains:

Devotional Picture Collection
Externe Verknüpfung Postcard Collection
Autograph Collection
Externe Verknüpfung Printing Plate Collection
Fragment Collection
Scripts Collection
Externe Verknüpfung Historical Picture Collection
Map Collection
Externe Verknüpfung Collection of Views of Places
Externe Verknüpfung Obituary Collection
Externe Verknüpfung Patents and Kurrenden
Plan Collection
Externe Verknüpfung Portrait Collections
Realities Collection
Externe Verknüpfung Collection 1848/1849
Collection of the Provincial Trade Union
Writing Samples Collection
Seal Cast Collection
Genealogy Collection
Typar (seal stamps) Collection
Document Collection
Externe Verknüpfung Folk Poetry and Music Supplies Collection
Pre-philatelic Collection
Externe Verknüpfung Guild Store Collection

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