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About us

Department Description
With more than 60.000 shelf metres, the Styrian Provincial Archives represents the biggest provincial archives of Austria. Its holdings include pieces dating back from the 9th century to recent times.
Within the scope of its functions, the Styrian Provincial Archives collects and conserves visual sources illustrating the history of the province of Styria.

User Regulations set the terms of use of the archival inventory. During opening hours of the reading rooms, the archival stock is on public domain.

A Scientific Consulting Service is available to the users of the archives. Our Online-Consulter answers questions concerning the use of the archives.

Next to professional storage and administration of the valuable archival inventory, the services of the Styrian Provincial Archives also include the consultation of the public and the following administrational domains:

• Research (regional studies, state of sources, references)
• Archival techniques (storage techniques, record organisation)
• Archival protection (conservation, restoration, hygiene)
• Archival information management
• Exhibition techniques
• Reproductive techniques
• Heraldry (community coats of arms)

The main areas of collection are reflected in the structure of the archival holdings: public and private written and visual sources from the beginnings of the written tradition until today and numerous collections.

In the course of its research assignment to regional studies, the Styrian Provincial Archives issues various publication series. Several articles out of these publications are available online. For prices of printed issues and sources of supply, please consult the Publications index.

The Styrian Provincial Archives disposes of a restoration shop, a manual bookbindery and a studio for reprography & media conversion.

The Styrian Toponymy Commission has its seat in the Styrian Provincial Archives. The personnel of the scientific archival service are represented in it.

Opening hours of the reading rooms in the Styrian Provincial Archives:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm ,
Wednesday from 9 am to 6 pm,
Friday from 9 am to 12 pm.

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