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Community Archives

This series contains 165 holdings.

The index is an extract from the ADB of the Styrian Provincial Archives.

The scales of the community archives are very diverse. They vary from a few booklets to hundreds of cardboard boxes.

Admont, Market-town
Aflenz, Community
Aigen MG Admont, Community
Allerheiligen im Mürztal, Parish and community
Altenmarkt an der Enns, Market-town
Altirdning, Community
Anger, Market-town
Ardning, Church, school, community
Arndorf, Community
Aussee, Community
Aussee, Market-town and parish
Birkfeld, Market-town
Breitenau, Community
Bruck an der Mur, Town Burgau, Mastery and Market-town
Cilli, Mastery and Town
Deutschfeistritz, Market-town
Deutschlandsberg, Community
Deutschlandsberg, Mastery and market-town
Donnersbach, Community
Ehrenhausen, Mastery and market-town
Eibiswald, Mastery, Family and market-town
Eisenerz, Market-town and mine
Fehring, Market-town
Feldbach, Town
Feldkirchen bei Graz, community
Flamberg (Flamhof), Mastery and community
Fraßlau, Market-town and Parish
Friedau, Town and Mastery
Friedberg, Town
Frohnleiten, Market-town
Fürstenfeld, Town
Gaishorn, Community
Gallen St., Market-town and Hammerverwaltung
Gamlitz, Market-town and Parish Community-Robot
Georgen St. an der Stiefing, Mastery and market-town
Georgen St. bei Reicheneck, Market-town
Gleisdorf, Town and parish
Gnas, Market-town and Church
Grafendorf bei Hartberg, Parish and community
Graggerer, Community
Gratkorn, Community
Gratwein, Market-town and parish
Graz Town
Gröbming, Community
Gröbming, Market-town and market-town bond
Groß St. Florian, Market-town and parish
Grandlsee, Community
Habegg, Community
Hartberg, Town and mastery
Hartmannsdorf, Market-town and parish
Hochenegg, Market-town
Hohenmauthen, Market-town and Staatsgült
Ilz, Market-town
Irdning, Community
Irdning, Market-town
Johnsbach, Community
Judenburg, Town
Kapfenberg, Town
Katsch, Community
Kindberg, Market-town
Kitzeck, Community
Knittelfeld, Town
Köflach, Market-town and parish
Krieglach, Community
Krumau OG Admont, Community
Kumberg, Parish and community
Lambrecht St., Stift, governmental mastery and market-town
Langenwang, parish and community
Lassing, Community
Laufen, Market-town and parish
Leibnitz, Town
Lemberg, Market-town and parish
Leoben, Town
Leonhard St. in Windischbüheln, Parish and Market-town
Leutschach, Market-town
Liechtenwald, Market-town and parish
Ligist, Mastery, Market-town and parish
Lorenzen St. bei Knittelfeld, Community
Lorenzen St. in der Wüste, Market-town and parish
Luttenberg, Market-town
Marburg, Town
Mariazell, Mastery and market-town
Mautern, Mastery and market-town
Mayr in Geißriegl, Reith bei (Market-town) Hartmannsdorf, Family
Mitterdorf im Mürztal, Community
Modriach, Community
Montpreis, Market-town
MoosChurchn, Market-town
Murau, Town
Mureck, Market-town and parish
Mürzhofen, Community
Mürzzuschlag, Town
Nägelsdorf, Community
Neumarkt, Market-town
Obdach, Community
Obdach, Market-town, citizen commission
Oberwölz, Community
Oberwölz, Town
Oberzeiring, Market-town
Oswald St. -- Möderbrugg, Community
Passail, Market-town and parish
Peilenstein, Market-town and parish
Peter St. am Kammersberg, Market-town and parish
Pettau, Town
Pischelsdorf, Market-town and parish
Pöllau, Market-town
Pöllau, Market-town (remaining holdings)
Pöllitschberg, Community
Pöls, Community
Polstrau, Market-town
Praßberg, Market-town
Preding, Market-town and church
Rachau, Community
Radkersburg Bad, Town
Radkersburg, Town-archives 2
Rann, Town
Rietz, Market-town
Rohitsch, Mastery, Market-town and parish
Rottenmann, Town
Rudolfswerth, Town
Ruprecht St. an der Raab, Market-town and parish
Sachsenfeld, Market-town
Saldenhofen, Mastery, Market-town and parish
Schirka and Lang, Community
Schladming, Town
Schönstein, Mastery and Market-town
Schwanberg, Community
Schwanberg, Market-town, parish and mastery
Semriach, Market-town and Parish
Spital am Semmering, Parish and community
Stainz, Market-town and community
Stanz, Parish and community
Stattegg, Community
Stefan St. ob Leoben, Parish and community
Straden, Market-town and parish
Straß, Mastery and market-town
Trieben, Community
Trofaiach, Market-town and parish
Tüffer, Market-town
Übelbach, Market-town
UnzMarket-town, Market-town
Veit St. am Vogau, Community and parish
Voitsberg, Town
Vordernberg, Market-town
Wagna, Community
Weißenbach an der Enns, Community
Weißkirchen, Market-town
Weiz, Market-town
Wernsee, Market-town
Wildon, Mastery and market-town
Windischfeistritz, Mastery and town
Windischgraz, Town
Wörschach, Community
Wandschuh, Community

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