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Questions on the Use of the Archives

The following summery contains the answers to frequently asked questions. The underlying constitutions can be viewed in full text in “User Regulations” and “Reproduction Guidelines”. Call numbers of archival material that have been changed because of being stored in new boxes, are registered in the call number concordance.

Where can I view archival material?

It is only possible to view archival material in the Reading Room of the Styrian Provincial Archives.

Address: Karmeliterplatz 3, 8010 Graz

When is the Reading Room opened?

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm,
Wednesday from 9 am to 6 pm,
Friday from 9 am to 12 pm 

When is the Consulting Service available?

The Academic Consulting Service is at your disposal on
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to 12 pm
Wednesday from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm,
Friday from 9 am to 12 pm.

At these times, the Consulting Service can be reached under the telephone number (0316)877-3478. 

How should I prepare my visit to the archives?

The mode and intensity of your preparation of the visit to the archives depend on your research project. As a first source of information, regional studies reference work is available in the Reading Rooms.

When source-based research for academic work on university level is concerned, we recommend that a counselling interview with the personnel of the Academic Service of the Styrian Provincial is arranged before starting intensive work on the project.

In case of the history of a farmyard, the most important dates about the object (insert number, cadastral community) should already be familiar.

Information: A useful orientation guide is: Complete Index of Urbare (Registers of the Estates of Landowners), Landed Property Registers, Land Registers of Styria, which has been made available in a register.

How can I order archival items for use?

In order to order archival items, the exact indication of the relevant call numbers is required.

After having read through the relevant finding aids, persons who use the Provincial Archives for he first time or who are not skilled in the use of archives will be able to fill in the call numbers when receiving instructions from the Academic Consulting Service or the Reading Room Supervisors.

If the call numbers are known, archival items can also be ordered in the following ways:

  • per phone: (0316)877-4031
  • per fax:(0316)877-2954
  • per post: Steiermärkisches Landesarchiv, Karmeliterplatz 3, A-8010 Graz
  • Externe Verknüpfung online
How long do I have to wait for the submission of archival items?

In general, archival items ordered for submission are available in the Reading Room on the first workday after order.

Are there any time restrictions for security reasons?

A closed period of fifty years is in imposed on the holdings of the Styrian Provincial Archives. It is applied to all officially written work, grown out of public administration, which is stored in the Styrian Provincial Archives. Details are defined in the User Regulations. For single stocks, specific restrictions in time set by the presenters and the permission to inspection are valid.

How much does it cost to use the archives?

The actual use of the archives is free.
Since June 2002, an Archives Ticket is issued to cover parts of the administrative expenses:
1. valid on two arbitrary days within the period of a year, starting from the date of issue, for € 3
2. valid on five arbitrary days within the period of a year, starting from the date of issue, for € 6,80 
3. valid for a year (starting from the date of issue) for € 26. The ticket is issued by the Janitor Service.

The Archives Ticket is issued ad personam and is not transferable. Users who already have an Archives Ticket are asked to bring it with them at each visit to the archive.

Who is there to help me, if there is something I cannot read?

As far as possible, our Reading Room Supervisors and the Academic Service provide assistance with reading problems of single words or short passages. This auxiliary service is voluntary and any grant of reading help cannot be claimed whatsoever

Is it possible to have copies of archival material made?

For reasons of protecting the archival material, certain rules concerning conservation have to be observed. It is only allowed to copy archival material that is not susceptible to any damage.

Reproduction of bound materials is only possible with the in-house book scanner. In most cases, reproductions of land registers are available within five workdays. For originals up to A/0 size, direct copies in colour can be produced, if conservatory or legal reasons allow it.

Pictures, plans, maps, photographs, certificates and the like are subject to the Reproduction Guidelines of the Provincial Archive. An Application for Reproduction has to be made when these originals are concerned.

Copies on normal paper and on electronic media (CD, e-mail) are made on written order and at extra cost. Dependent on the volume of work, the copies can usually be picked up for pay within ten days after the order was made. They can also be sent via regular mail or email. The number of pieces per user is limited to ten copies per month due to intensive work effort and shortness in labour resources.
Copying fees:


b/w copy A4 0,40
b/w copy A3 0,52
for students 0,32
color copy A4 1
color copy A3 1,50
newspaper print b/w 1
newspaper print color 1,60
reproduction graphics colour/bw print A4 2,60
reproduction graphics colour/bw print A3 4,50
bookscan b/w A3 or A4 1
bookscan CD-ROM (inkl. 1. file)  8,90
each other file bookscan CD-ROM 1
CD-ROM (incl. 1. file) 8,90
DVD (incl. 1. file) 15,40
1 file CD/DVD 5,15
e-mail 1. file 8,90
each other file by e-mail 5,15
each other file bookscan by e-mail 1



Externe Verknüpfung online order

Can I get photographic copies produced?

All archival items that are not closed for legal reasons or reasons of conservation can be photographically reproduced when a written application is brought forward and a separate order with a speciality firm is made.

Can I use a portable computer?

Portable computers can be used in the Reading Room. There are a total of thirty work stations with power supply. The use of portable printers, hand scanners or such is not permitted whatsoever.

Which hygienic rules should be kept?

Archival items carry certain micro-organisms which can be harmful to health.

  • As long as hands have not been disinfected, each contact between fingers and mouth should be avoided.
  • Wash your hands before you touch archival items, as they need to be protected.
  • For reasons of health protection, wash your hands with the special washing liquid after having used archival items.
  • Put the disinfectant that is available at each washbasin on your hands, when they have dried.
What is prohibited in the Reading Room?

The officers of the Styrian Provincial Archives try at the best to preserve the valuable archival material for future generations. The current spatial and personnel-related conditions should enable each user of the archives to find working there ideally.

Hence, some rules of conduct are deduced:

  • Eating, smoking or loud talking are prohibited in the Reading Room.
  • While using the archives, users are not allowed to take any bags or likewise to the tables in the Reading Room. Please use the bag shelves provided.
  • Only pencils are allowed when using archival items.
  • The order of archival items stored in cardboard boxes, slipcases, fascicles and books must not be changed on one’s own account.
  • In case of apparent disorder, please inform the Reading Room Supervisor.
  • Underlines or any other markings must not be put on archival items.
  • Archival items must not be used as blotting pads.
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