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Convent- and Monastery Archives

This series includes 22 holdings.

The index is an extract from the archival database of the Styrian Provincial Archives.

The scales of the Convent- and Monastery Archives are very diverse. They vary from a few booklets to handreds of cardboard boxes.

In addition to these holdings, the research in the Graz Diocese Archive and in the archives of the monasteries and convents is recommended.

Admont, Convent
Göß, Convent
Kirchberg am Wechsel, Augustinian Convent
Lambrecht St., Convent, State-mastery and Market-town
Maria Trost, Monastery and Crown land
Mautern, Monastery and Market-town
Neuberg, Convent
Neukloster, Convent
Oberburg, Monastery
Olimie, Monastery and State-mastery
Pettau, Minoriten, Monastery
Pöllau, Convent and Mastery
Rein, Convent
Rottenmann, Convent and Mastery
Salzburg, Erzbistum and Arch-convent, Monastery
St. Peter Seckau, Convent
Spital am Pyhrn, Monastery
Stainz, Convent and Mastery
Studenitz, Monastery
Suben, Convent
Vorau, Convent and Mastery

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